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All-India Vegetarian Cookbook

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All-India Vegetarian Cookbook
A Subzi Sutra
The Secrets of India's Vegetarian Cuisine
By Zubin D'Souza

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Overview - All-India Vegetarian Cookbook: A Subzi Sutra Containing The Secrets Of India's Vegetarian Cuisine



Publisher Review

More than 150 recipes with both American and European measurements, this book draws its great-tasting recipes from throughout India. A corporate chef, and a past participant in OCLD, India's internship more difficult to get into than Harvard Law, Zubin D'Souza has worked all over the world and traveled much of India to bring to this book the best of India's regional vegetarian cookery that he has elevated to classic form, refining each recipe to reveal nuance that regional cookery usually doesn't convey. 
There are whole chapters on chilis and spices; how to stock a useful Indian spice larder and where and how to buy the staples to fill it; you will find treatises on oils and ghee, rice, how to eat "Indian style," what kinds of curries come from where, what special equipment is needed (almost none); and Zubin D'Souza even answers the question: Do Indians eat soup? 
Having been collected regionally, many recipes are found in no other cookbook. Be the first on your block to prepare lentil dumplings in mustard sauce

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